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Profile: Dakota P.

Dakota Prado is a senior at Manitou Springs High School. His art piece, Bear In Japan, was created his sophomore year. He has taken every art class available at MSHS and has used various forms of art media. Painting is his favorite medium. He has also been involved in a volunteering program called Concrete Couch: a creative construction organization that donates art work to the city of Manitou Springs. The biggest and most recent project that he has worked on with Concrete Couch is the Soda Springs Park Pavilion. There, they welded metal pieces to create artistic fences. 

Profile: Amanda N.

Amanda N. is an artist and photographer. She ideally wants to take photos and create videos of travel destinations all over the world because of her huge interest in exploring other people’s cultures and sharing them through photography. Since Amanda is so busy with clubs, she rarely has free time, but when she does she likes to spend it hiking.


See the Sea”


Profile: Bryce Van Derveer

Bryce Van Derveer, a MSHS allumni, writes music for the ukulele. He started playing music in 6th grade, when he learned the clarinet. In 8th grade he transitioned to the base clarinet, which is his primary instrument in band. He has also recently picked up the guitar. He started learning the baritone ukulele a little less then a year ago. His interest in it started by watching Youtube video of James Hill playing, “Voodoo Child.” Van Derveer is going to the University of Oregon for college, but will not be pursuing music as a career. Along with music, he is also interested in cooking and art. He has taken an art class every year he’s been at Manitou.

Presents Under Palm Trees


Photo by Aubrey Hall