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Profile: Bryce Van Derveer

Bryce Van Derveer, a MSHS allumni, writes music for the ukulele. He started playing music in 6th grade, when he learned the clarinet. In 8th grade he transitioned to the base clarinet, which is his primary instrument in band. He has also recently picked up the guitar. He started learning the baritone ukulele a little less then a year ago. His interest in it started by watching Youtube video of James Hill playing, “Voodoo Child.” Van Derveer is going to the University of Oregon for college, but will not be pursuing music as a career. Along with music, he is also interested in cooking and art. He has taken an art class every year he’s been at Manitou.

Presents Under Palm Trees


Photo by Aubrey Hall

Profile: Kaitlyn Cashdollar

Kaitlyn Cashdollar, a Sophomore, has been going to Manitou for seven years. She has been writing for the same amount of time. Through the influence of her mother and friends, she has grown very fond of creative writing throughout the years. Due to the lack of creative writing classes at the school, Cashdollar thought the school could use a place where creative art could be published and celebrated. Using this inspiration, she made The Manitou Muse, with the help of her teachers Dr. Robinson and Mrs. Rockenbach. She hopes that the Muse will be used as a creative outlet for students to express themselves. Along with creating the Muse, she is also the Student Editor of the site. Cashdollar is also a Senior Reporter for the Prospector, MSHS’s newspaper.


Photo by Aubrey Hall