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Profile: Anela W.

Anela W. enjoys photography, especially nature. She has been into photography for four years now. “It’s a way to capture moments in life that is hard to see without photographing it,” Anela said. She does not, however, like taking photos of people. “It’s too popular. We see models often on a billboards, but not pictures of beautiful things like changing trees or forests. I also love taking pictures of historic items like buildings and artifacts.”


Profile: Iris

Iris enjoys the nighttime, chamomile tea, cats, listening to music while dramatically staring out a window, actual rocks, dreaming big, and baked goods. She occasionally writes for fun, but also to consolidate the many things bouncing around in her head, to process the hardships of life, and to count her blessings. Iris can only hope her writing will help others in their own journeys.

guardian angel

this moment

Profile: Bryce Van Derveer

Bryce Van Derveer, a MSHS allumni, writes music for the ukulele. He started playing music in 6th grade, when he learned the clarinet. In 8th grade he transitioned to the base clarinet, which is his primary instrument in band. He has also recently picked up the guitar. He started learning the baritone ukulele a little less then a year ago. His interest in it started by watching Youtube video of James Hill playing, “Voodoo Child.” Van Derveer is going to the University of Oregon for college, but will not be pursuing music as a career. Along with music, he is also interested in cooking and art. He has taken an art class every year he’s been at Manitou.

Presents Under Palm Trees


Photo by Aubrey Hall

Profile: Aliah C.

Aliah C. has been doing photography for 6 years. She mostly focuses on equestrian photography, but also enjoys landscapes, and occasionally portraits. In addition to photography, Aliah enjoys theater, music, and competes in horse shows.

Puddle Jumper



Photo by MacKenzie M.

Profile: Zoe S.

Zoe S. enjoys sketching in her free time. She likes drawing girls the most because their anatomy is easy and she has a better time grasping the concept. She first started drawing at an early age, around three or four. As well drawing, she also occasionally does blackout poetry.

The Muse Logo

Funky Jade


Hipster Green

Innocence Depends on Perspective

Expecto Patronum


Zoe poses with one of her most prized drawings, “Funky Jade.” (Photo by Kaitlyn Cashdollar)

Profile: Allie R.

Allie’s passion is photography. She hopes to one day be a photojournalist, wedding photographer, or a family portrait photographer. In the meantime, she enjoys taking photos of her family, and the things around her.

Fading Beauty” and other photos

The Man That Doesn’t Stand” and other photos

Beauty in My Arms” and other photos

Once Upon A Time” and other photos

Mediterranean Love” and other photos

“Stay Still” and other photos

Classy” and other photos


Photo by Sabrina R.