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“Farewell,” by Tyler J.

Farewell,” by Tyler J.


Dedicated to all those melancholic folks

who have fishhooks in their hearts,

and to Time, who heals all.


       Goodbye forever, and farewell.

       The tides have changed and my boat

       has caught the wrong wave.

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“Whoever I Please,” by Téa S.

Whoever I Please,” by Téa S.

I am not a whore

I am a woman

A man

Whoever I want to be

In clothes that make me feel good

Clothes that I think look good

And clothes that I enjoy

I was not raised with the idea that:

If you wear short shorts

You’re a skank

Because trust me, honey

The only one in bed with me is



And I

“A Love Song” by Tyler J.

A Love Song by Tyler J.


The stars turn in a sky made out of charcoal;

their eyes glitter on the rippling surface of the pond

like pieces of shaven crystalline glass,

and as the wind makes the trees dance,

at the edge of this world and on the boundary of another,

I think of you.


I hold words behind my eyes, they give me sense;

with these words I tune the clockwork of this moment.

So let me tell you something, with these words that know me,

so that you may see the color of my heart.

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