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Profile: Anela W.

Anela W. enjoys photography, especially nature. She has been into photography for four years now. “It’s a way to capture moments in life that is hard to see without photographing it,” Anela said. She does not, however, like taking photos of people. “It’s too popular. We see models often on a billboards, but not pictures of beautiful things like changing trees or forests. I also love taking pictures of historic items like buildings and artifacts.”

Profile: Iris

Iris enjoys the nighttime, chamomile tea, cats, listening to music while dramatically staring out a window, actual rocks, dreaming big, and baked goods. She occasionally writes for fun, but also to consolidate the many things bouncing around in her head, to process the hardships of life, and to count her blessings. Iris can only hope her writing will help others in their own journeys.

guardian angel

this moment

Profile: Jensen W.

Jensen W. started writing in the 6th grade. She has always had an active imagination, and when she was younger and had vivid dreams, she was told to write them down, which sparked her interest in creative writing. Specifically, she enjoys writing fantasy and the supernatural. She doesn’t like a set prompt or non-fiction writing.

Profile: Summer Rose

Summer Rose (a pen name) enjoys both writing and photography. They got their first camera when they were 10, which spurred their interest. Reading also sparked their interest in writing, specifically writing that portrays people and their life experiences as animals. They like taking photos of skies and sunsets because of all the colors. They don’t like taking photos in inside environments, and don’t like writing about things you hear about everyday.


Profile: Kayla B.

Kayla B. mainly does art, such as cartoons and comic books, but also occasionally writes. She started to get interested in art in the 5th grade, when she saw YouTube animations online. Kayla does not like to draw realistic art. She enjoys writing because she says it’s another way to express drawings, in a way that pictures just can’t do.

Profile: Riley Amelia

Riley Amelia (a pen name) enjoys writing, art, and occasionally, photography. She has a very artistic family and started to really get into art in the 6th grade. Their assignment was to draw a dragon, and she said many people complimented her art, so she continued with it. This was also around the time when she started reading and writing a lot. Riley enjoys writing short stories, novels, and creative writing in general. When she draws, she typically starts with a reference picture and alters it to change the aspects of what she wants.