“A Verse,” by Tyler J.

A Verse,” by Tyler J.


with these words

        I become god

        and timid creator:

        I bleed many tears

        and many smiles

        into the soft


        tissues of this

        heart, a poem,

        a quiet little


        bird, like hope,

        who blooms, gentle,

        like an egg cracked

        against the horizon,

        jumping for closeness

1 Comment

  1. Rockenbach

    You’ve done it yet again, Tyler. Gorgeous! I love the complexity and paradox in the idea of a “timid creator” who “bleeds… tears”. You, of course, aren’t the first poet to compare the craft of writing to the Divine, but you’ve said it somehow still uniquely and beautifully. Hope you are making the most of summer, getting a lot written and submitted! Excited to hear how it’s going!


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