Farewell,” by Tyler J.


Dedicated to all those melancholic folks

who have fishhooks in their hearts,

and to Time, who heals all.


       Goodbye forever, and farewell.

       The tides have changed and my boat

       has caught the wrong wave.


I see you there upon the shore,

       dressed in this kindred starlight,

       as the waters below us chuckle

       and the moon above us cries.


I raise my hand in parting,

       hoping that the sadness will not come, —

       but as certain as the distance between us,

       with inevitability he comes and I bleed tears, —

       and as the last wave comes and goes with my heartbeat,

       before the waters close and I lose you for all of time’s song,

       I send away the words, like broken doves, on the wind:

       “Goodbye forever, my dear, and farewell.”