Profile: Zoe S.

Zoe S. enjoys sketching in her free time. She likes drawing girls the most because their anatomy is easy and she has a better time grasping the concept. She first started drawing at an early age, around three or four. As well drawing, she also occasionally does blackout poetry.

The Muse Logo

Funky Jade


Hipster Green

Innocence Depends on Perspective

Expecto Patronum


Zoe poses with one of her most prized drawings, “Funky Jade.” (Photo by Kaitlyn Cashdollar)


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  2. […] “Hipster Green” by Zoe Schnurman. […]


  3. […] Manitou Muse” by Zoe S.. “The Muses” by Zoe […]


  4. […] “Innocence Depends on Perspective,” by Zoe S. […]


  5. […] Patronum,” by Zoe S. was drawn using sharpie marker and white gel […]


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