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“Summer’s Youth” by Tyler J.

Summer’s Youth” by Tyler J.

For Ray Bradbury


  This childhood’s Eve,

the firebugs chirrup

       on the windowsill;


       I lay listening in

       white foam sheets,

       like an air-tuft amid

       the ocean’s wake,


       and I lay listening,

       my ears turned inside-out,

       watching the full trees

       dance with the maiden wind,


       as all around my head

       goblin-shadows gather

       with  heat-forks and



       and I lay listening,

       thinking, “There is no

       such thing as oldness;


       it’s all an adult-lie,

       a trick Mom-Dad use

       get me to eat my broccoli.”

“A Portrait of Time,” by Tyler J.

A Portrait of Time” by Tyler J.

        relics of unseen


        litter the sands—

        i have acquitted


        of time’s charges—

        give me the flame

        to light

        these shrunken halls:

Photo by Ryan S.

Ryan S.

Profile: Ryan S.

Ryan S. started experimenting with photography in the summer of 2016. He mostly enjoys landscape photography, such as pictures of buildings and mountains. His least favorite type of photography is selfies. Overall, photography is one of his main passions. “[Photography] has a good way of saving memories,” he said.


“Eye and Hand,” by Tyler J.

Eye and Hand,” by Tyler J.


       Without your eyes

       to guide my mind,

       I trample blind;


       at pitch-night

       I cannot find out

       the stars anymore,


       and without your hand

       to blush my heart,

       I cry dead:


       As ghosts live

       in breathless shadows,

       I walk among the wastes.

“When Sky Falls,” by Tyler J.

When Sky Falls,” by Tyler J.

The hushed smell of the rain

       reaches out with shiny hands

       and pats gently at the windowpane.

       God has been divorced.


       I listen on to the world

       slowly turning itself into

       amorphous puzzle pieces,

       and I only wonder how


       I’ll put it all back together,

       before the stars collapse

       and the Moon burns herself out.

       God has left us all to drown.

“Expecto Patronum,” by Zoe S.

“Expecto Patronum,” by Zoe S. was done with sharpie marker and white gel pen.


“Eclipse” by Aliah C.

“Eclipse” by Aliah C.

“Farewell,” by Tyler J.

Farewell,” by Tyler J.


Dedicated to all those melancholic folks

who have fishhooks in their hearts,

and to Time, who heals all.


       Goodbye forever, and farewell.

       The tides have changed and my boat

       has caught the wrong wave.


I see you there upon the shore,

       dressed in this kindred starlight,

       as the waters below us chuckle

       and the moon above us cries.


I raise my hand in parting,

       hoping that the sadness will not come, —

       but as certain as the distance between us,

       with inevitability he comes and I bleed tears, —

       and as the last wave comes and goes with my heartbeat,

       before the waters close and I lose you for all of time’s song,

       I send away the words, like broken doves, on the wind:

       “Goodbye forever, my dear, and farewell.”

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